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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the style guide worth the investment?


Yes! We’ve done all of the work of shopping for you. No need to scroll through thousands of items on a website to find what you need, no need to wait in lines at stores, no need to figure out how to style your new summer pieces – the entire process is done for you – all you have to is click some links and shop!

What if items are sold out or unavailable in my size?


We would recommend shopping the guide within a few days of purchasing to ensure that all the items are still in stock. We are not responsible for any items that are sold out; however, we will do our best to continually add replacement items to the guide so that it’s always up-to-date. If something is sold out in your size, please email and we will assist you in finding a replacement item. Additionally, we will give replacement recommendations on our @astyleset Instagram close friends story so make sure to check there regularly.

What is the pricing of each item in the guide?


The average price of clothing is $38, the average price of shoes is $100, and the average price of accessories is $48. We’ve done our best to include an assortment of items at various price ranges that are both high quality and affordable.

What are some brands that are featured in the guide?


Zara, Verge Girl, Tiger Mist, Weekday, Mango, Pull&Bear… the list goes on.

Do I need to buy every single item on the guide?


Definitely not! The style guide can be used as inspiration to create outfits with similar items you may already have in your closet. You can buy as much or as little as you’d like.

Will the guide always be available to purchase?


No. Because the items in the summer style guide are seasonal, the guide will only be available to purchase until September 15, 2022. After that, a new seasonal guide will be released.

Why is the guide priced at $10?


We worked incredibly hard to research and find the absolute best pieces that are on-trend, high quality, and affordable to ensure that the guide will be helpful. For that reason, it takes about a month to create and finalize the document, so we ask for a small payment of $10 in exchange for our work. We are providing a styling service at a fraction of the price of a personal stylist.

How do I get added to the @astyleset Instagram close friends story?


Simply write your Instagram handle in the notes section of your purchase and we will add you to our close friends list for the remainder of the summer.

Need more help?

Please email

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